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Automatic Responders or Auto responders: Tips on how to choose and use autoresponders in your affiliate marketing business

As an affiliate marketer, or Internet marketer; an automatic responder, more popularly called autoresponder,  is crucial to your business.

An autoresponder is software that helps you send a series of pre-written emails in a certain order once the autoresponder sequence is triggered.

The usual trigger is someone signing in to your optin list

As you may have heard the money is in the list.

You can use an autoresponder to capture emails addresses of your visitors so that you can later keep in touch with them.

Before you choose your autoresponder service, you must consider two things
  • Your budget: You need to be sensible about your budget. You do not need to pay an arm and a leg for a good autoresponder service
  • Your requirements: How many emails do you plan to send and how big can you build your list. You need an autoresponder service that caters to these needs

Features you must have on whatever autoresponder service you subscribe to are

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Ability to segregate your campaigns
  • A web form generator
  • Double optin. This is to protect you from accusations of spam. When your visitor first signs up on the optin form on your website, your autoresponder sends them an email. This email contains a link for them to click on if they really did subscribe to your list and gives them the option of blocking future emails from you. Once they have verified that they did indeed sign up for your emails, then your messages will be delivered.
  • Ability to send one off, 'broadcast', emails. Sometimes you may have a message that you must get out to your mailing list. Your autoresponder must allow you the flexibility to interrupt your sequence to send instant messages
  • Ability to handle large attachments like ebooks
  • Tracking software. That way you can analyze
Which of your emails are resulting in conversions. Remember you will be testing different versions and formats of your emails to see which works better. What clinches the sale

If they get opened at all. This really tests your emails titles and not the content itself. If your title do not arouse curiosity or interest then your analyzes will tell you this because you will have a high proportion of unopened emails

Segregate your list into responders and non responders. You will want to treat these two groups different.


Autoresponders by AWeber

Autoresponders you should consider include


Freeautobot. This is a free autoresponder that I sometimes use. It is better than most free automatic responders but there are some limitations.

  • Your emails do not contain ads by the autoresponder service
  • It's free
  • It's reasonably easy to use
  • Has option of text or HTML format
  • Has opt in form generator

  • Their website is riddled with pop-ups
  • The attachments have a size limit of 100kb
  • It's for pretty basic emails
  • I am yet to find a means of tracking my emails on their service



Autoresponders by AWeber

Aweber: This is one of the most popular autoresponder services on the Internet, especially amongst Internet marketers. If you are serious about affiliate marketing then this is the autoresponder we strongly recommend.
To learn more about click here

Get Response Automatic Responder

Getresponse: The other large autoresponder service also used by affiliate marketers. To learn more about this autoresponder click here

Locally Hosted Autoresponders: No discussion on autoresponders would be complete without a mention of locally hosted autoresponders.

Locally hosted autoresponders are autoresponders that you host on your own server. They are ideal for Internet marketers who have a very large subscriber list.

They are great because they afford you flexibility, total control and once it's yours, it's yours.

You need to have a database eg SQL to run these off your server.

Hosting your own locally hosted autoresponder involves purchasing a script or program usually written in Perl, ASP or PHP. You then install it on your server and you are off.

When purchasing a locally hosted autoresponder script or program, you must pay attention to the details. You want a script that you can use for as many accounts as you choose. You must find out how many copies of the script you can use and the number of sites you can run them on.

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