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Domains, Domain Name selection, Memorable Domain Names

In internet marketing, there are those that have hundreds of domains and this is how they make their income.

But there is also a group of internet marketers and affiliate marketers that have 3 or 4 domains and make a substantial income from  them.

So how do they do this?

Part of the formula is in choosing the right niche, choosing the right keywords for your niche and getting a great domain name

Choose A Domain Name That Includes Your Keyword

If you enter some keywords in the Google search engine, you will notice that, for some keywords, the first 10 or more results in the search engine results pages [SERPs] are websites that have the keyword in their domain names. The keyword 'golf' is an example of this.

This may be because these markets are very competitive with a high supply of well optimized websites.

I suspect that in future, the majority of profitable keywords will experience this phenomenon.

It is therefore important that you do a thorough niche and keyword research before getting your domain name.

Once you have identified your profit pulling keyword, get a domain name that contains your keyword or phrase.

The one benefit of this is it appears to help your search engine ranking, although no-one knows since the search engines keep their ranking protocols a secret. So, though no one can tell you this for certain, experience suggests it does

Choose a Short Domain Name

A short domain name is preferable if available. They are more memorable for one thing. Also as an affiliate marketer you will submit your site's URL to a large number of places. Some of these places e.g adwords have a restriction on the number of characters they will accept.

Choose A .com Domain Name

Getting a domain name with a dot com extension is not a must do. There are certainly a lot of .net, .org, .info and .us sites that are very successful.
However, if you consider that most people online are familiar with .com extensions and will often subconsciously type in .com at the end of a domain name, it may well be worth considering a .com extension for your website.

Choose Memorable Domain Names

 This is crucial. The world of internet users is an impatient and lazy one. Surfers these days seek instant gratification.

You need to choose a memorable domain name. This is not memorable as in 'that domain name that really has nothing to do with the website content and I can't even spell the domain name' memorable, I mean memorable as in easy to remember. Eg is easy to remember. is easy to remember.

Unfortunately most of the really easy to remember names have all been taken up. And buying them may cost you a few hundred to thousand dollars. Just not worth it when a domain name can be got for about $10.

With some ingenuity and brain storming, you can still come up with a great domain name. It may be longer than 5 letters but hey it does the job.

A couple of things you should keep in mind when crafting your new domain name

  • Try not to get too long. Get a two or three word domain name but no longer than that. You may decide to separate the words with hyphens or not to separate them. The jury is still out on that one.

  • Use words that are easy to spell. Avoid words that ae or e can be confused. Just stick to simple straight forward English words.

 Once you have picked a suitable domain name, you need to check if it is available and if it is purchase it.

A good registrar is They have a domain name checker tool and you can get a domain name for about $10 per year with them.

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