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Affiliate Marketing Introduction: HTML code for newbies

So what is HTML Code? This is a basic explanation of HTML. You will need to have a basic understanding of HTML if you want to be successful at affiliate marketing via building your own website.
Yes you can use an HTML editor, but there may be little tweaks you want to ad to your money pages like visitor tracking. This is easily accomplished if you have a basic understanding of what is HTML code.
No, don't groan. It is really simple.

First of HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the language of the internet. It is the code which your computer reads and presents in the format you see.

< [less than sign] and > [greater than sign] are the most frequently occuring symbols in HTML and are called brackets. All elements [explained below] are enclosed in these brackets.
To start a command you will see <element> and at the end of the command is </same element>

The element is the particular attribute you wish to design or manipulate. It could be Head, Title, metatag, font, colour whatever.

So for example if you want to write Text in Verdana with a font of 3 and colour black the html code for this is

<FONT FACE="Verdana" SIZE="+3" COLOR="#000000">Text</FONT>

In this example.
The element is Font
The attributes are Face, Size and Colour
The values are Verdana, +3 and#000000

Other examples of HTML code useful to the Affiliate Marketer apply when you are posting articles or in blogs or in your e mail signature.

To use these modalities for search engine optimisation, Instead of signing off

Try using for example

If you hover your mouse over the above, you will see that it is a link to using the term how to stop snoring as the anchor tag.

When the Google bots come and find the snoring website via this anchor term, they will rank the site using this term.

The HTML code for this?

<A HREF="http://www.mygloriousdomain/">My chosen keyword</A>

Obviously replace 'mygloriousdomain' with your domain name and select the keywords you want to optimise your site for and replace 'my chosen keyword' with that.

Have fun

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