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Search engine optimization - keyword optimization and keyword density
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Search engine optimization -  Keyword optimization and keyword density

The bane of every webmaster's search engine optimization efforts is the ever changing algorithms of the search engines especially with regards to keyword optimization and keyword density. What could be the right keyword density for google could get you poor rankings with google
Also what was good keyword density with google today tomorrow could get you penalized.

To highlight the problem with keyword density and keyword optimization, it has been rumored recently [and it can only be a rumor because no one really knows what googles criteria are, we are just using a guesstimate], that google does not want the keyword repeated on your website but rather prefers variations of your keywords

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Keyword optimization in search engine optimization involves three things which we will discuss below.
It is important that because google is the giant of the search engines, this discussion is with regard to Google. Also because Google has never disclosed the algorithms it uses, the information here is strictly based on my own and other webmaster's experience.

Keyword Density : This refers to the frequency with which a keyword appears on your page. It is expressed as a percentage of the total content of your web site.
It is generally accepted that a keyword density of 5 to 7 % is optimal

Keyword Prominence. This refers to how quickly the google spider comes across your keyword when it first arrives on your webpage. It is generally agreed that having your keyword in the page title and in the H1 header are beneficial. Also include it in your opening paragraph and at the bottom of your page

Keyword Proximity: This generally applies when you are optimizing for a keyword phrase. If the words in the phrase appear together on your website then you have good key word proximity
For example. the term search engine optimization has great proximity in the sentence
'search engine optimization is important in generating traffic'

But has poor proximity in the sentence
'the optimization process for the search engines is important for traffic generation'

A quick word about latent semantic indexing: As you have noted above, it is rumored that google looks favorably on using related terms rather than exact terms in it's ranking procedures. An example of this is  when writing about search engine optimization, you should also use the terms search engine ranking, search engine positioning, etc

Finally, you should know in keyword optimization for search engine ranking, try not to stuff your webpages with keywords. It is possible to over optimize your webpages. Keyword stuffing will actually hurt your search engine optimization efforts via keyword optimization


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