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Make Money With Adsense. Tips And Guide

Is it possible to make money with google adsense?

From personal experience my response is 'Definitely yes. It is possible to make recurring income from the adsense program if you do things right'

So why is it that the forums are overrun with adsense publishers making a next to nothing despite their efforts?

Because to make money with adsense the tip is to work smart

Here, You will find tips that have helped me make money from adsense

Making recurrent income with adsense is not going to happen overnight. It takes time and some effort
To maximize your adsense income, you must think of your campaign into 3 parts

  • Website
  • Traffic
  • Adsense code

So lets go into each component

Adsense website. Two important aspects of this

Niche. Choose a niche that does have a chance of making you a lot of money with adsense. Building a site based on a niche that brings 1 cent per click is a fast road to failure. On the other hand going after really big value adsense clicks does not make sense either. Read this article on high value adsense clicks high value adsense clicks

Content. Loads of unique, keyword optimized, frequently updated content. A 5 page website is not going to help you break free of the day job. So what am I saying? Lots of pages, each page with a lot of content and make it clear to the google bots what your content is about. The last point is very important because if it is not clear what your page is about, targeting of your adsense ads is not possible and you end up with public service ads.

Adsense Traffic. Source and Amount

Source. Search engine traffic is the best source of traffic to your adsense sites. Click through rate is better and the trend with my sites is the value of each click is generally more. So you need to learn and apply some search engine optimization search engine optimization

Quantity. Adsense sites do need a lot of traffic to make a significant income. The traffic should be targeted and consistent. Getting sporadic surges of traffic is not going to make you reliable income with adsense. You need lots of traffic that is consistent. Again search engine optimization is probably the most effective way of guaranteeing long term traffic. Oh and by lots of traffic I mean thousands of visitors a day

Adsense Code.

Everything about the adsense code needs to be tested for each site. It really is as simple as that. But here are a few tips that have worked for my adsense earnings

Location. It really has to go above the fold of the page. there is no reason to compromise on this. Also if you have a blog, then putting your adsense right under the title of the page increases click through rate. If you have a blogger blog then read how to place adsense under post title. Incorporating your ad within the body of your content also helps but this needs to be tested. Some of my sites had a loss of adsense earnings when I did this.

Size. It is true that the 300 by 250 format generates the highest CTR but not on all pages so again test different formats

Colors. We are taught by the 'gurus' to blend our ads with the page content. But this really does not work. The idea is if your adsense ads blend into your content then they are not perceived as ads by your sites visitor. This really has panned out to be false in my experience. My pages that have adsense ads that are totally different in colors from my content body have the highest CTR.

Links units. Often overlooked but highly useful. Again the two clicks to make an income puts a lot of people off links units but use them usually near the top of my pages and am glad for the income they bring

They are simple tips, take some time to build up but they will help you increase your earnings from the adsense program

Some videos on adsense here


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